The List (Apparently the List is too short a title name so It needs to be longer)

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The List (Apparently the List is too short a title name so It needs to be longer)

Post by Sensei on Tue Sep 13, 2011 10:29 am

In an age long past, there existed a kingdom in the cold north of Alcomacia called Narinor. Narinorwas a barrier between the untamed wilds of the icy wastes and the civilized nations of the south. Within this kingdom were eight beacon towers, bastions of fortitude spread throughout the land, their sole purpose to protect the sacred manuscript known only as The List. Then the internet was invented and it was decided this was a much easier and cheaper method of protection.

Below is chronicled all pairings that do, have or will exist within the Pie Socks roleplays(some are just for the lulz)

Alex x EVERYONE (crack but Canon))
Cross x Puppet!Maria
Socalo x Aeris (CANON)
Gean x Kinky!Alex (this one is LadyA’s fault and she knows it. Very Crack)
Yuri x Anna (CANON YAY!)
Vince x Poppet (crazy deluded luff)
Vince x Karyn
Vince x Zahia (Dead!Canon)
Alex x Dark!Cross
Agnes x Amos
Alex x Tea (crack but very Canon)
Gean x Scythe (crack but very Canon)
Dom x Robo
Dark!Alex x Sven
Sven x Catherine
Sven x Karyn
Pascal x Catherine (CANON)
Anna x Ray
Alex x Vince
Yuri x Poppet (very VERY crack)
Alex x Sven (one sided)
Sven x Tree (crack)
Alex x Socalo (crack 0.o)
Sven x Darcie
Kanda x Frogs (crack)
Vince x Komurin
Celes x Cras
Robo x Komurin
Ari x Jeryy
Cross x Fag
Gean x Ale
Yuri x The Word Bloody
Gean x Corey
Alex x Golem
Ameda x Cross
Ameda x Gabriel
Elias x Cross
Alex x Cross
Xia x Every Exorcist
Ray x Gean
Ray x Vince
Agnes x Sokaro
Kanda x Tree
Kanda x Fish
Ray x Xia (disaster!Canon)
Alex x Great Wall of China
Dark Boots x Aeris
Zahia x Alex
Bookman X Cherry
Hajim X Alex
Kanda X Mugen (So very Canon)
Alex X Trace
Alex x Sly
Miranda X Pears
GOD..brb mum demanding tea >.>

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